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A to Z of Intergenerational housing and community led housing projects

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

During the pandemic, we have seen a growing interest in intergenerational living and other forms of locally led housing initiatives as a means to foster greater community connectedness. We are proud to be a founding member of the Intergenerational Housing Network (opens new window). And, as reported in the recent report by InCommon for Clarion Futures, Sustaining intergenerational communities at a time of crisis, Covid-19 has been a catalyst for reimagining how we facilitate intergenerational connectedness in a digital age.

On a lighter note, we have created this A to Z of intergenerational housing and community-led housing projects, such as cohousing developments, where one of the words in the scheme name begins with a letter of the alphabet.

The list of 26 projects is purely meant as a bit of light-hearted fun in these challenging times. We welcome your suggestions, especially any scheme that starts with a Z!

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